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Application of Metal Hose

Hose Assemblies

A hose assembly consists of metal hose, with or without braid, with fittings, designed, manufactured and tested, wither from our standard program or made to your specific requirements and ready for use. 

Vibration Absorber
 Three problems have to be considered if vibrations or sounds in a piping system shall be isolated and eliminated:
  • the sound of vibration
  • the transfer onto the solid body
  • the propagation into the piping system
The vibration source (engines, compressors, pump etc.) shall be solidly installed and smoothly run. To connect a rigid piping to a vibrating engine parts, elastic metal viration absorbers are suitable, made of flexible metal bellows and sturdy fittings. The right choice depends on hte operating conditions such as pressure, vibration frequency and temperature.

Hoses for Water Applications
Flexible assemblies made of corrugated stainless steel hoses are proven as to be reliable and easy to fit connections on the execution they connect washing machines and dishwahers to the water supply system. Fittings are provided accroding to current standards and norms. They meet the requirements of the waterworks are approved by the respective authorities.